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Dead Sexy Dragon (Dragon Heat, #1)

Dead Sexy Dragon - Lolita Lopez Hmmm. This book reads like a prequel to the series even though it's listed as book 1 of the series. Wish it was longer. Not enough world-building for me. We're just supposed to accept that Cora and Stig have had the hots for each other all this time but it was difficult for me to believe it. The ILUs happened way too early for my tastes.The title doesn't match the content and the name of Stig's dragon Brotherhood made me laugh every time I read it-- The Brotherhood of the Green Hide? Really??Overall a quick and somewhat enjoyable read but I needed more. Not sure if I'll be reading the next book in the series.Full review to come.

Love, Technically (Entangled Ever After)

Love, Technically - Lynne Silver I had just high hopes for this story. I love a geeky hero and was looking forward to reading about Sark and Michelle's romance. Instead I was bored to tears. NOthing stood out about this story and it was all so predictable. Each character was stereotypical down to the bitchy, back-stabbing co-worker.Michelle felt like any other romance heroine. Nothing about her stood out. Sark had a little more personality but I wasn't feeling him at all.Tepid romance, predictable plot, stereotypical characters.

Waiting for Ty (Lovers and Friends)

Waiting for Ty - Samantha Ann King Ok enough story but i felt like something was missing. The beginning felt like I'd jumped into the middle of the story.full review to come.

Not Until You Part VII: Not Until You Believe (Loving On The Edge, #3.57)

Not Until You Part VII: Not Until You Believe (Loving On The Edge, #3.57) - Roni Loren Still not believing in a HEA for these two. Cela is too indecisive about what she wants. Foster is laying it all on the table and Cela is steadily stomping on it.
My Cowboy Heart - Z.A. Maxfield heartfelt and sweet story. def looking forward to reading the next book.full review to come

Play Me (Take a Chance, #3)

Play Me (Take a Chance, #3) - Diane Alberts felt zero attraction. there's a back story where the hero has always wanted the heroine. I needed flashbacks or something. I didn't believe it. the attraction was meh. the heroine was annoying. the hero had no balls.

Beautiful Bitch (Beautiful Bastard, #1.5)

Beautiful Bitch (Beautiful Bastard, #1.5) - Christina Lauren The blurb is misleading. What combative relationship? They are not combative in Beautiful Bitch and that's why this book didn't work for me. I loved Beautiful Bastard and was looking forward to reconnecting with Bennett and Chloe. At 54% mark I had to DNF this novella and then I really didn't want to. I was willing to keep going and give it a chance. But the constant flashbacks were ruining the book for me. I don't care about Bennett meeting Chloe's dad or when they got back together or Chloe going out with Sara and Bennett being pissed cause he wanted time alone with Chloe. Who cares?!? I want the here and now and there wasn't enough of that. Plus I miss the bickering that made me fall in love with the couple in the first place. What happened to all that heat? Bennett is so whiny and needy that he has become unattractive. He's pretty much a whipped pussy. And Chloe is boring. She's all work, work, work. So what she gave Bennett a blow job in his office, with the door unlocked. They had sex in the stairwell in the first book! *yawn* They've become a boring couple. What happened to the spice?Such a disappointment.p.s. I don't understand the title. I know it's supposed to coincide with the overall series but who's the Bitch? Is it Bennett cause he sure acted like one. I'm just saying.

The Baby Deal (Harlequin Desire Series #2247)

The Baby Deal - Kat Cantrell blah. didn't like the heroine. felt zero chemistry between h/h. story was kinda boring and meh.full review to come

Not Until You Part VI: Not Until You Surrender (Loving On The Edge, #3.56)

Not Until You Part VI: Not Until You Surrender (Loving On The Edge, #3.56) - Roni Loren *sigh* I'm just gonna say it. Cela and Foster worked my last nerve in this installment. They both need to be in a time out. Cela with her trust issues and Foster with his over-protectiveness. I'm more angry with Cela than Foster, to be honest. I kept thinking in regards to Cela that she needs to grow the f*ck up! Maybe entering into a D/s relationship isn't the best thing to do when you can't even stand up to your dad about not wanting to move back home and work with him.Cela needs to decide what she wants. Does she want to be a sub? Does she trust Foster enough to hand over total control? Is she just rebelling? She is so annoying and wishy-washy and she is straight up hurting Foster's feelings. I don't think she's made for the lifestyle that Foster wants and it's gonna take a miracle or some big realization on her part for me to believe that she can handle Foster's lifestyle. Right now, I ain't buying it. She likes the sex and is turned on by the idea but when it comes down to the heart of it, she isn't truly into it.Foster's issues with his missing sister is pushing Cela away. His grand gesture towards the end freaked Cela out and I don't blame her. I wouldn't want to have a tracker on me no matter what the intent behind it is.Not Until You Surrender wasn't my fave only because I was annoyed during most of it. Here's hoping Cela and Foster get their act together. There's only two installments left. Cela needs to grow up and Foster needs to work out his issues regarding his sister.

After the Kiss: The Stiletto Series

After the Kiss: The Stiletto Series - Lauren Layne Adorable, sweet story. Loved the characters. Very romantic. Opposites DO attract and fall in love.Full review to come!

The Winning Season

The Winning Season - Alison Packard I absolutely adored The Winning Season. I'm a huge fan of sports romances but this book is more than that. Kelly is not your typical heroine. She's not petite and she has a potty mouth. Kelly has already gone toe to toe with Matt, so when he is traded to the Blaze, their relationship is already on shaky ground. Matt is a lifetime Dodgers fan but thanks to his antics off the diamond, the Dodgers traded him. Kelly isn't looking forward to working with Matt but she has to do what's best for the team. Now if only she can get Matt to stop insulting her long enough for him to cooperate.What I loved about The Winning Season is that we see Matt and Kelly fall in love. There's no instalove for them. A good portion of the story, Matt and Kelly are trading barbs and insulting each other. I loved it! Matt and Kelly slowly pushes aside the preconceived notions they have about each other and realizes that there's more than meets the eye.Of course, the inevitable conflict and story arc happens. Matt was a real asshole to Kelly and I felt that his apology wasn't enough. He harmed her, emotionally and physically. This is where I felt the ending was a bit rushed due to the violent nature of Matt's reaction to Kelly's supposed betrayal. There should have been less description, detail to the baseball game and more groveling and apologizing for Matt. I'm not a baseball fan so I skimmed most of that part and was disappointed that there was only a couple of pages dedicated to the reconciliation. I think if the book was 20 pages longer, I would have been more satisfied.Overall, The Winning Season is a great book. I love a strong heroine who is not bitchy. Sometimes authors mistake bitchiness for being strong. That doesn't happen in this book. Kelly is strong and likable. She stands up to Matt; doesn't take his shit. Matt, despite being an complete ass to Kelly, is likable in his own way. Once you learn what he's been through, you understand why he's such an ass. They are such a great couple. This book could have used an epilogue. I wanted to revisit them, a year later. Oh well.I highly recommend this book and Ms. Packard has been added to my auto buy list.

The Story Guy (Novella)

The Story Guy - Mary Ann Rivers A couple of weeks ago, I had decided to take a break from contemporary romance. Everything I read was the same. Nothing was standing out and I was tired of reading about characters in their mid-20s. I needed romance with characters who are established in their lives, who were closer to my age. I didn't think I was ever going to get that. And then I stumbled upon The Story Guy. The blurb intrigued me and when I saw that the heroine was in her 30s, I knew it was something that I needed to read.The fact that The Story Guy is a novella and yet managed to completely blow me away is amazing. Normally with novellas you feel like something is missing. The author managed to portray every emotion in each and every page. I immediately fell in love with Carrie and Brian's story. Once I started reading, I could not put it down.Carrie's life is good but she's in a funk. She answers Brian's ad on a whim, thinking that nothing will come of it. Brian's personal life only allows him to have Wednesdays at noon. He has tried relationships but the women end up not understanding his commitments at home. Brian allows himself this one hour, once a week, to be connected to another person.I've always thought that attraction begins with a kiss. No matter how hot a person is, if they can't kiss, then what little attraction that is there, dies. When Carrie and Brian first meet up, the kiss is slow and thorough and totally sexy. These two people are alone and need someone to latch onto but not in a co-dependent unhealthy way.The Story Guy is such a sweet, romantic love story. You can't help but fall in love with Carrie and Brian and root for them. I didn't want their story to end! The writing is so beautiful, almost poetic. Ms. Rivers is an author to look out for. She's already on my must read list. Do yourself a favor, buy The Story Guy now! It's only 99 cents on Amazon. You won't regret it.

Archer (Hard Body, #1)

Archer - Debra Kayn I have no love for a TSTL heroine and a too alpha male. the combination does not go well together. I was hoping that Jane would be a character that I'd admire but the only smart think she did was leave Scott. after that it went downhill fast. not a fan of the "you're my woman" crap spouted by kage throughout the book. I'm a fan of the little sister being the onject of her big brothers friend's desire trope but I felt like we weren't given enough background info. we're just supposed to accept that kage has been pining for Jane for 7 yrs.full review to come

Spider's Bite (Elemental Assassin, #1)

Spider's Bite  - Jennifer Estep This series has been sitting on my TBR for way too long! I started it last year by listening to the audiobook but that didn't work for me. I didn't care for the narrator. Then, when I decided to take a break from contemporary romance, I decided to finally start the Elemental Assassins series. Heart of Venom comes out in August and I have the ARC. I need to finally read the series!! I'm so glad I did. The book started off kind of slow but once the action started and the plot got going, I was hooked. I really liked Gin and Finn (hey that rhymes!). There's a lot of edge on your seat suspense. Gin is bad ass and I love it but we also get peeks into her softer side.So glad I finally started this series. Can't wait to read Web of Lies next.

His Roommate's Pleasure

His Roommate's Pleasure - Lana McGregor 2.5 starsHis Roommate's Pleasure is a sexy read but I felt that there was something missing. Adam and Josh are college roommate's. They don't communicate, don't have a relationship other than sharing space. Because Josh is a jock, Adam assumes that Josh is straight, until Adam stumbles upon Josh's porn folder on his laptop. Now Adam doesn't know what to think. When Josh discovers that Adam discovered his porn stash and is turned on by it, this knowledge immediately changes their roommate dynamic.The moment Adam discovers that Josh is gay and Josh discovers that Adam is turned on by his BDSM porn, there's immediate sex (in some form). There was minimal conversation about the fact that they've been living together for 6 months and neither one knew that the other was gay. Nor was there any mention that Adam and Josh found the other one attractive. That's what puzzled me. The story is told from Adam's POV and not once does he laments about his secret attraction to his roomie. I wanted more development (other than the sex) with Adam and Josh's relationship. I really wished we got Josh's POV. I just find it hard to believe that they've been living together for 6 months with no kind of relationship and communication and then bam, they're jerking each other off and agreeing to a D/s relationship.

Not Until You Part IV: Not Until You Trust (Loving On The Edge, #3.54)

Not Until You Part IV: Not Until You Trust (Loving On The Edge, #3.54) - Roni Loren This serial is getting so good! Not Until You Trust is my favorite installment so far.Cela is still pining over Foster but Foster is still determined to keep his distance. It's best if he doesn't let his true self out for Cela no matter how much he wants to. Cela, in her naivete, thinks that Foster's kink is just a little spanking and being bossy. Poor innocent Cela. She has no idea that it goes way beyond that.A lot happens in Not Until You Trust and Cela has to decide how much she truly wants Foster. Does she want the vanilla guy that he tries to be when he's around her or does she want his dominance? Jace, Andre and Evan are prominent in this story and some things come to light for Cela. Yay! Cela is no longer in the dark and she's ready to go after her man.I am so excited to see where things are headed. Waiting a week for the next installment is such torture!