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Not Until You Part VI: Not Until You Surrender (Loving On The Edge, #3.56)

Not Until You Part VI: Not Until You Surrender (Loving On The Edge, #3.56) - Roni Loren *sigh* I'm just gonna say it. Cela and Foster worked my last nerve in this installment. They both need to be in a time out. Cela with her trust issues and Foster with his over-protectiveness. I'm more angry with Cela than Foster, to be honest. I kept thinking in regards to Cela that she needs to grow the f*ck up! Maybe entering into a D/s relationship isn't the best thing to do when you can't even stand up to your dad about not wanting to move back home and work with him.Cela needs to decide what she wants. Does she want to be a sub? Does she trust Foster enough to hand over total control? Is she just rebelling? She is so annoying and wishy-washy and she is straight up hurting Foster's feelings. I don't think she's made for the lifestyle that Foster wants and it's gonna take a miracle or some big realization on her part for me to believe that she can handle Foster's lifestyle. Right now, I ain't buying it. She likes the sex and is turned on by the idea but when it comes down to the heart of it, she isn't truly into it.Foster's issues with his missing sister is pushing Cela away. His grand gesture towards the end freaked Cela out and I don't blame her. I wouldn't want to have a tracker on me no matter what the intent behind it is.Not Until You Surrender wasn't my fave only because I was annoyed during most of it. Here's hoping Cela and Foster get their act together. There's only two installments left. Cela needs to grow up and Foster needs to work out his issues regarding his sister.