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His Roommate's Pleasure

His Roommate's Pleasure - Lana McGregor 2.5 starsHis Roommate's Pleasure is a sexy read but I felt that there was something missing. Adam and Josh are college roommate's. They don't communicate, don't have a relationship other than sharing space. Because Josh is a jock, Adam assumes that Josh is straight, until Adam stumbles upon Josh's porn folder on his laptop. Now Adam doesn't know what to think. When Josh discovers that Adam discovered his porn stash and is turned on by it, this knowledge immediately changes their roommate dynamic.The moment Adam discovers that Josh is gay and Josh discovers that Adam is turned on by his BDSM porn, there's immediate sex (in some form). There was minimal conversation about the fact that they've been living together for 6 months and neither one knew that the other was gay. Nor was there any mention that Adam and Josh found the other one attractive. That's what puzzled me. The story is told from Adam's POV and not once does he laments about his secret attraction to his roomie. I wanted more development (other than the sex) with Adam and Josh's relationship. I really wished we got Josh's POV. I just find it hard to believe that they've been living together for 6 months with no kind of relationship and communication and then bam, they're jerking each other off and agreeing to a D/s relationship.