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Breaking Dawn

Breaking Dawn - I think Stephenie Meyers tried to please the readers too much with this book. The majority of the readers wanted Bella to end up with Edward (spoiler alert!) and in order to please them she came up with this crazy, implausible plot to wrap things up neatly and still make Edward the good-guy/hero. I thought the first half of the book was incredibly boring and drawn out. The plot doesn't pick up until around page 200. And then it gets crazy from there. The justification Meyer came up with to explain Bella's pregnancy was just outrageous and completely out of left field. Bella finally gets her wish and becomes a vampire but only because Edward had to bite her to save her life. And to have Jacob imprint on Edward and Bella's daughter made me want to throw the book in the trash. Meyer strays from what made the first 3 books great. She wants so badly for everyone to have a happy ending that the plot lines are laughable and don't stay true to the characters. I am sorely disappointed as I was really looking forward to this book.