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Remember Me?

Remember Me?: A Novel - Sophie Kinsella The book starts with Lexi and her girlfriends having a night out at a local bar. The year is 2004. It's raining out and Lexi falls as she's trying to hail a cab. Fast forward 3 years, it's 2007 and Lexi's in a car crash. She wakes up in the hospital after being in a coma for 6 days. When Lexi awakens, she thinks it's still 2004. I enjoyed this book. I connected with Lexi. I felt sorry for her. All she wanted was to get her life back and it seemed like the people in her life were working against her. Her former friends were evil, bitches towards her and had no sympathy for what Lexi was going through. Throughout reading the book, I felt frustrated with Lexi's lack of a backbone when it came to her friends, mother and sister. She was the one in the accident and who was suffering from amnesia, but it seemed like she was trying to make sure she didn't hurt their feelings and make sure they were okay. She didn't start speaking up for herself to almost the end of the book. The people who she cared about the most didn't seem to have her best interest at heart. I wanted Lexi to come to her senses and tell everyone to "F" off!At 388 pages, I think the book took too long to get to the arc of the story. I don't know if this is the author's style or if it was just prevalent with this book. At some points, there was too much detail and backstory about things I didn't care about. The book started getting good with the escalation of the Jon and Lexi relationship. And then the book ended. I wish there was more story about them; less story about everyone else. Can you say sequel?