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Irresistible Forces (Kimani Romance)

Irresistible Forces - Brenda Jackson Irresistible Forces" is the first novel I've read by Brenda Jackson. She's an African-American author whose characters are AA. There aren't that many AA authors who write romance novels where the main characters are non-white. I was shocked that I hadn't discovered Brenda Jackson's books before. Taylor Steele is a 25 year old sucessful financial advisor. She has everything she wants in life except for one thing - a baby. She decides that the perfect "father" for her baby would be business associate Dominic Saxon. She approaches him with a business proposal that he can't refuse. I found the premise of this novel hard to believe. What 25 year-old successful, single woman wants a baby without a husband? And have her two sisters be completely okay with that decision? Both Taylor and Dominic are described as being extremely attractive people yet I felt no chemistry between the two. The book was full of sex but the sex scenes fell flat. I couldn't clearly picture what Dominic looked like or get a feel of his sexual appeal. Whenever there was a scene with him and Taylor kissing, he always led with his tongue. Eww! There's nothing less appealing than a man who immediately pushes his tongue down your throat! I found the dialog to be cheesy and sometimes antiquated. For example, the first time Dominic and Taylor have sex, Taylor has just climaxed and Dominic is on the verge of climaxing when he says: "And now I give you my baby." I know this is a romance novel and cheese is sometimes a part of the writing but really? There were several times I rolled my eyes during the dialogue and skimmed through many of the sex scenes. The main characters spent a week on a island to do nothing but have sex and get pregnant and I found that boring. Although I didn't like this book, it hasn't deterred me from checking out Brenda Jackson's other novels.