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Gone (Wake)

Gone (Wake Trilogy, Book 3) - Lisa McMann This is the third and final installment of the Wake trilogy. At the beginning of this book, Janie is dealing with the ramifications of what happened in book 2. They're done with high school and decided to spend a week at a cabin with Cabe's brother and wife. A couple of days into the trip, Janie gets a frantic phone call from Carrie regarding Janie's mother. From there, Janie is confronted with her past and who she is. And she has to make the tough decision regarding her future as a dreamcatcher and her future with Cabe.I hate to say this but Gone was kind of a let down. Fade ended with Janie deciding that her fate is to be a dreamcatcher and that her future with Cabe is up in the air. Gone follows that same pattern. There was no crime to solve or the introduction of new or old characters. We do find out more about Janie's mother's relationship with Janie's father. But other than that, the majority of the book was about Janie wrestling with the decision regarding her future and Cabe. I thought she'd made that decision in Book 2? What kept me reading was the desire to find out if that decision had changed. And it did. For like 5 minutes. I know that since this is the final book that things needed to be "wrapped up". But I would have liked it if this book was more like the first two. I still enjoyed it and hate that this trilogy has come to an end.