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Pleasure Unbound (Demonica Series #1)

Pleasure Unbound - Larissa Ione When I started reading Pleasure Unbound, it took me a minute to get into the book. The Demon names and terminology were confusing and it was hard to keep everything straight in my head. I was hoping that I wouldn't have this problem throughout the book and thank goodness I didn't because that would have really sucked. Once I got past the strange names, I was entrenched. I could not put it down even though I had to because I had to sleep, eat and go to work! I loved this book. It was never boring. The plot moved at a great pace; it didn't lagged and I was never bored. There were surprises, twists and turns and most importantly, sizzling hot demon/slayer sex. Even though I hate to see a good book come to an end, I was so anxious to finish the book that I was sneak-reading while at work. It's pretty easy to do with a Kindle (lol!). I love Eidolon and Tayla as a couple. They balance each other perfectly. E is the protector of the people that he cares about where Tayla is used to being on her own and taking care of herself. The author handled Tayla's loner attitude with perfection. I was afraid that it would take too long for Tayla to come to her senses and the build up to the resolution would drag, but thankfully it didn't.So now I'm invested in yet another series. I can't just stop at one. I've already downloaded Desire Unchained. I'm hoping to be caught up with the Demonica Series by the time the newest book is released in August.