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Passion Unleashed (Demonica Series #3)

Passion Unleashed - Larissa Ione How I love Wraith, let me count the ways. In the first two books, Wraith comes off as a selfish prick. He makes no apologies for who and what he is. You can take it or leave it. This can be a little off-putting and it made me wonder if I was ever going to like him. His character would have to grow leaps and bounds to become likable. In Passion Unleashed, he does. This is my favorite book of the Demonica series so far. I love Wraith! He's top 5 book boyfriend material. Passion Unleashed starts with it being a year later. Wraith is still up to his old tricks until he's poisoned while he's out hunting. In order to save himself he must convince (ahem seduce) a human female (Serena) to give him her charm. Sounds easy, right? I could not put my Kindle down. Passion Unleashed had me enthralled from the beginning. I was on pins and needles waiting for Serena to find out the truth about Wraith and his agenda. As I've once admitted on twitter, I hate surprises and have the tendency to skip ahead while reading a book just to know what to expect. Well, with my Kindle, I haven't quite figured out how to do that without losing my page. I was itching to skip ahead just so that I'll know when and how Serena reacted when Wraith's true identity was revealed. But I didn't. I exercised major self-control.Wraith evolved in this book without losing what makes him Wraith. Serena can hold her own and she's exactly the type of women that Wraith needs. The Sem Brothers underestimate Wraith and don't think that he can be selfless and responsible; and who can blame them. In the past, Wraith has never given them a reason to believe otherwise. But he surprises them over and over throughout the book. Wraith even surprises himself. Passion Unleashed surprised me. It wasn't as dark as I thought it would be. It was full of humor, adventure and hot demon smex! Serena could dish it out and take it just as good if not better than Wraith. I loved it. I hated for it to end. But alas, it had to.My favorite Wraith quote:"Not only no, but f*ck no. In fact, let me count the ways I can say no."