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Sanctuary's Price: Red Rock Pass, Book 3

Sanctuary's Price - Moira Rogers Dylan and Sasha are two wounded souls who feel out of place at Red Rock. Dylan is surrounded by alpha males and females and feel as though he doesn't contribute anything to his new pack. Even though he killed Alan Matthews, he continues to feel guilty about putting Abigail and Brynn and the people of Red Rock in harms way. Sasha is a witch. Werewolves and witches have a long history and do not trust each other. Even though Sasha helps defeat Alan Matthews and his pack, the people of Red Rock still don't trust her. I loved the relationship between Dylan and Sasha. They both saw themselves as a hindrance to people where in fact, they were both a great help. Dylan isn't an alpha male but his protective instincts kick into gear when he's around Sasha. The attraction is mutual and they get to explore that attraction when they are sent on assignment by their Alpha Gavin. Dylan is very careful not to do anything that would scare Sasha. Sasha is stronger than he thinks. Maybe a little skittish considering what she's been through, but definitely strong. Sanctuary's Price is a good read. I think this may be my favorite book out of the series only because you see the natural progression of Dylan and Sasha's relationship starting with the first book. Dylan is sensitive without being wimpy and Sasha is scared and vulnerable without being whiney.