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Cheating Chance (Taking the Odds, #1)

Cheating Chance - James Buchanan This is my first m/m romance novel. I didn't know exactly what to expect. I really need to start paying closer attention to the synopsis because I expected Cheating Chance to be soley focused on the relationship between Nick and Brandon. I wasn't expecting a plot that included expecting crime, death, drugs and the Mexican mafia/gang.Nick is out of the closet. Brandon is not. But they are attracted to each other and an encounter that started off as strictly sex between strangers turn into a relationship. When the book focused on the dynamics of Nick and Brandon's relationship, it was great. But when it focused on the Nevada Gaming Commission and EDROMs and other stuff I had no interest in, it wasn't. I would skim or skip those pages altogether. The author provided detailed background information regarding Nick's job and what it all entailed. Sometimes a little too detailed. So detailed that I would catch myself being impatient and wanting to put the book down. But I didn't because I was too invested in Nick and Brandon's relationship.Cheating Chance was good when it focused on the relationship. All the extra stuff I could do without. Thank goodness for the hot man love that kept the book interesting. I had downloaded Inland Empire without having read Cheating Chance. Nick and Brandon's story continues in Inland Empire. I hope there's more focus on the relationship and Brandon dealing with being an in the closet homosexual who's dating a guy who's completely out of the closet.