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Skin Game: Gefährliche Berührung

Skin Game - Ava Gray I decided to buy Skin Game when I started hearing buzz about the upcoming release of Skin Tight. I was not disappointed. Kyra has a gift. She can steal people's abilities with her touch. Even though Kyra has a supernatural ability, I wouldn't classify this book as a Paranormal Romance. In Skin Game, Kyra is the only character with an ability. So does that really make it PNR? I don't know. I'm no expert but I felt that this book was more of a romantic suspense with a hint of paranormal. Skin Game will have you sucked in from the first page. The first line of the book is: Kyra held the guy’s balls in the palm of her hand. Literally. It takes you on a road trip in a Mercury Marquis named Myrna Loy with two people who are damaged goods. They don't trust each other and they each have their own agenda. I enjoyed Skin Game. I was on the edge of my seat waiting for the ax to fall when Kyra finds out Rey's true agenda. I love it when two extremely damaged people find solace in each other. I hated that Rey took so long to tell the truth but I could understand that no matter when he told Kyra, her reaction was not going to be good. Skin Game had great secondary characters. I'm very curious about Foster's character. The character development in Skin Game kept me interested. I was hoping to get a hint of what his deal was. He's featured in the next book Skin Tight along with Kyra's friend Mia. So guess what? I'll be buying Skin Tight!