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Bloodfever (Fever Series, Book 2)

Bloodfever - Karen Marie Moning Bloodfever picked up where Darkfever left off. Mac was starting to come into her own as a sidhe-seer thanks to the Jericho Barrons. The mystery of Jericho Barrons kept me enthralled. At the turn of each page, I kept hoping that we would finally find out who or what he was. Can you literally sit on the edge of your seat while reading? Well I was. The interaction between Mac and Jericho provided funny moments and tensed moments. The few times Barrons would let his guard down, I liked him even more. I didn't care that he had secrets. I just wanted him and Mac to finally admit they have the hots for each other and get down to the nitty gritty. I won't tell you if that happens or not. You'll have to find out like the rest of us. I'm reading, thoroughly enjoying myself and getting into the action. I get to the end of the book; things were heating up, the plot was moving along and then STOP! It ends. My first reaction was WTF! Are you serious? I kept hitting the next button and nothing. That was the end. Noooo! Don't leave me hanging. But that's exactly what Karen Moning did. What a hell of a cliffhanger.