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Ex Appeal (Hunk DuJour, #2)

Ex Appeal (Hunk DuJour, #2) - Cari Quinn I knew the advice in Cosmopolitan magazine was crap! (LOL!) And now Jenny Talbot knows too. She had to find out the hard way. Ty and Jenny’s sex life is on life-support. So in order to spice things up, Jenny follows the sage ‘advice” from Cosmo on how to revive her sex life. She dyes her hair, gets colored contacts (violet no less!) and starts talking and acting like a porn star in the bedroom. You’d think most guys would love this; it’s a guy’s dream to have their woman get down and dirty. Nope. The new Jenny doesn’t work for Ty and it has made their sex life even worse.Ex Appeal is a fun, sexy, romp about two people who love each other and want to be together but thanks to miscommunication on both sides, can’t quite get it together. I love that even though Jenny is the one who left Ty, she wasn’t ready to give up on their relationship. It took seeing his application for Hunk DuJour to make her come to her senses. And the same goes for Ty. He didn’t really want to have a random hook-up but felt it was something he needed to do to move forward. And who can blame him? Ex Appeal is the first book I’ve read by Cari Quinn and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I felt for both Jenny and Ty. They both wanted the same thing but couldn’t quite find the words or actions to express themselves. Jenny’s dilemma is something that many women face and is completely relatable. We assume what the man wants instead of asking him what he wants. I love that Ty didn’t want a porn star in bed. He loves Jenny for Jenny and even though he messed things up, he made sure to let her know that she did not need to change. When Ty and Jenny get back together, there is much sexing, not much talking. But the important words are said and that’s what matters. This story is all about what assuming what the other person wants and not communicating your needs can lead to. I look forward to reading more from Cari Quinn. Ex Appeal is Book 2 of the Hunk DuJour series but can be read as a stand alone. I need to get Book 1, Full Disclosure, to find out what the heck went on with Alex.