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Laid Bare (Brown Siblings Series #1)

Laid Bare - Lauren Dane Laid Bare starts with it being 10 years ago. Erin is in a band with her brother. She has dreads, piercings and tattoos. Todd is the hot neighbor who can't keep his eyes off of her. They are complete opposites but are totally attracted to each other. Todd and Erin finally give into the attraction and start having a sexual relationship. But Todd's refusal to give in to what he really wants pushes Erin away. Fast forward 10 years later and Todd is back in Seattle, ready to reclaim Erin and be the man he always wanted to be.Laid Bare is a sizzling, smokin hot love story with characters you believe in and are rooting for. I was drawn in from the first page and could not put it down. The writing is fantastic. The characters are realistic. The story of what Erin went through during the 10 years she wasn't with Todd will have your heart aching. She's relatable as a woman who experienced the worst loss possible and who is trying to continue on with her life with the help of her sexy brothers, Brody and Adrian. There are a lot of sexy men in Erin's life and she is one lucky woman. Not only are they sexy but they are also supportive. When Todd and Erin decide to bring Todd's best friend, Ben, into their relationship, the book gets even steamier (if that's possible). Now that Todd has lifted the veil off of his sexuality, he starts to see Ben in a different light. Ben has always been bisexual but never made any moves towards his best bud. As they move forward in this unconventional relationship, Todd and Ben slowly start getting more intimate with each other, which Erin wholeheartedly encourages. I was hoping for more m/m action between Todd and Ben. Even though I wanted to see them take it to the next level, the progression of their relationship was real and believable.I absolutely loved Laid Bare. It held my attention from start to finish. It is such a great book. If you want to read a book that has realistic characters, hot sex and threesomes, light m/m love and sexy protective brothers, then Laid Bare is the book for you.