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Hearts in Darkness

Hearts in Darkness - Laura Kaye I don't know what made me purchase this ebook. Something about the cover caught my eye. When I read the plot summary, my interest was piqued. Could an author write a story where during most of the book, the main characters don't know what each other looks like and make the attraction convincing and real? The answer to that is a resounding YES!Makenna has had the day from hell. To top it off she loses the battery to her cellphone and she's stuck in an elevator with a complete stranger. Caden is claustrophobic. When the elevator suddenly stops and the power goes out, he tries his best not to freak out. Thankfully, Makenna is there to keep him from having a major panic attack.Hearts in Darkness is story about getting to know someone without knowing what the other person looks like. Before finding out each other's names, Caden refers to Makenna as "Red" because he caught a glimpse of her red hair before the power went out. And Makenna refers to Caden as "Good Sam", short for Good Samaritan, because he was kind enough to hold the elevator for her. Caden and Makenna are trapped in darkness for many hours and get to know each other by playing Twenty Questions to help past the time and to ease Caden's panic at being trapped in a dark, small space. As they ask each other about their personal lives, you learn about Caden's tragic past that led him to being claustrophic. Caden isn't your typical hero. His appearance may turn people off. Covered in tattoos and piercings, he's used to people keeping thier distance from him. But underneath all that armor, is a sweet and vulnerable man who is insecure about his looks and is still haunted by his past.As Makenna and Caden become more comfortable in each other's presence, the attraction between the two grow. I think this was handled perfectly and realistically. Caden is drawn to Mackenna the longer he is in her presence. She soothed him during his panic attack and provided comfort when he provided the details of the accident he was in as a young teen. His only worry is what will happen once the lights are back on?Hearts in Darkness is a great story that packs a lot of punch. I was skeptical about how the author would be able to successfully convince the reader that two strangers who've never seen each can grow to care for each other in a short period of time. Hearts in Darkness is a sweet, emotional and sexy read and kept me engaged from start to finish. I was invested in Caden's and Makenna's relationship and was anxious to find out what will happen once the lights were back on.Hearts in Darkness was a pleasant surprise and I highly recommend it.