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Weekend Agreement

Weekend Agreement - Barbara  Wallace Weekend Arrangement was a quick, romance to read that was not earth-shattering or original. Daniel is a very rich man who has family and trust issues. Innocent history professor, Charlotte Doherty, approaches him in attempt to buy family land back that her brother sold without her knowledge. Cynical Daniel thinks that everyone has a motive and a price and uses the land as a bargaining tool to get Charlotte to spend the weekend with him at his family estate. But there will be nothing physical between them or else the agreement will be null and void. But of course, they are both attracted to each other and soon it will be too difficult to not give in to temptation.The overall plot was nothing that I haven't read before. The romance was meh; nothing steamy or earth-shattering. The conflict was SO obvious. I spotted it immediately and was not surprised when it caused the misunderstanding between Daniel and Charlotte. Other than the predictability of the storyline, there were formatting issues that deterred from my overall enjoyment. There were html codes inserted into sentences and letters were dropped. It was a little distracting.Weekend Arrangement was okay. I wasn't bored but I was not overly impressed by the plot. The rich, cynical billionaire trope has been done before and with better execution. For me there was nothing memorable about the characters or the plot.D