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Once Burned (Night Prince Series #1)

Once Burned - Jeaniene Frost Never in a thousand years did I think that I would be DNFing this book. But it's exactly what I'm doing. It has taken me over a week just to get through half of Once Burned and I have no desire to continue. I've been looking forward to Vlad's spin-off series the moment Frost announced that she was writing it. Vlad is a wonderful character and I just knew that his book was going to give Bones and Cat a run for their money. Wrong. At least, for me, I was wrong. What factored into me not liking Once Burned? Leila for one. I did not like that the story was told from her 1st person POV. She's no Cat and is not funny and badass like Cat. Maybe that will come in book two. I hope so.I found myself being more annoyed by her than liking her. Another annoyance was the mind reading. We know that Vlad can read minds and because of this, this is how we are privy to his thoughts...through Leila. Boo! Vlad is too interesting a character for us to not be inside his head. I was sorely disappointed by this. And the fact that Leila is not an engaging character ruined this for me. Vlad is snarky, scary, funny and an all around smartass. I felt that this was missing (from the 53% that I read). There definitely wasn't enough to satisfy my tastes. I could have cared less who was trying to kill Vlad. I could have cared less about Leila learning how to harness her power. I could have cared less....PERIOD. I don't know if I'm going to read the next book. The bright side of Once Burned is the brief and funny appearance of Bones and Cat. Of course, Bones stole the show. Maybe it's me. The consensus is that this book is bad-ass. I must be missing something. I still love the world and am looking forward to the next Cat and Bones book. I'm so sad that Vlad didn't work for me on so many levels.