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The Winemaker's Dinner: Appetizers

Appetizers - Ivan Rusilko, Everly Drummond I've heard the early buzz about this book. The buzz being that the writer is a male writing erotic romance. When I started reading The Winemaker's Dinner, I found the writing to be very formal. It made reading a little clunky. I also noticed, as I continued reading, that the hero, Dr. Ivan, was described in detail several times but the reader didn't know what Jaden, the heroine, looked like. After reading 50% of the book, I knew that she had black hair, green eyes and is 5'10". There were no descriptive details about her looks ,shape. It was all about Dr. Ivan. And this is why the book didn't work for me (besides the fact that he says "baby girl" and "girl" a lot. Annoying and not sexy. At. All.) Being called "girl" is only sexy when it's coming from Ryan Gosling's lips. The Winemakers Dinner seemed to be one big ego boost for Dr. Ivan. It was all about him; look at how sexy I am. Look at how awesome I am. Jaden was in his shadow the entire time (hence why I think she wasn't described in detail). I read half the book and couldn't go any further. I didn't find any of the characters likable and was not invested in their relationship.After much eye-rolling and muttering "give me a break" throughout the book, I decided it was best for me to leave The Winemaker's Dinner.I've read rave reviews about The Winemaker's Dinner but this book didn't work for me.