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Bettie Page Presents: The Librarian

Bettie Page Presents: The Librarian - Logan Belle I hate, hate, hate DNF-ing a book. I also hate writing a 'review' for a book that I DNF. Most of the time when I DNF a book, I don't write a review. I stop reading the book and move onto something else. But there are times where I have to let my feelings known. And this is one of those times.I read the blurb of The Librarian and decided to give it a try. It sounded Fifty Shade-ish but I liked the Bettie Page spin and felt that it would make the book slightly different from FSoG. Mind you, I haven't read FSoG but have heard so much about it and have read so many reviews that I felt like I've read it.The Librarian is the most boring erotic romance I've ever read. I stopped reading the book at the 42% mark. After Sebastian and Regina had sex. It was the sex scene that finally made me stop reading this book! The sex scene was unimaginative, flat and uninspiring. But let's start at the beginning.Sebastian is a billionaire (shocker) in his early 30s and he is for some unexplained reason drawn to Regina after seeing her for all of 10 seconds. Regina is from a small town in Pennsylvania. She moved to NY to work at the NYPL. She is a virgin and unaware of her looks. She has a Bettie Page haircut because she messed up cutting her own bangs (stupid ass reason) so of course, everyone tells her she looks like Bettie Page. Only thing is, she has no idea who Bettie Page is. Regina has a roommate that parties, has loud, wild sex and is rich. She doesn't interact with her roommate much because Regina is socially inept. Even though she went to college, she doesn't know how to act around other human beings. One day at the library, Regina goes into a part that is off-limits. This is where she catches Sebastian having sex. Regina is turned on by the sight (again, shocker) but chastises herself and vows to tell someone what she saw. She never gets the chance because the next day at a meeting, she finds out that the defiler of that off-limits room is none other than Sebastian Barnes and that his family donated that wing. And Regina will be working with him on some fundraiser for the library.Sebastian immediately starts telling Regina what to wear, orders her around about her clothing and basically takes over her life. Regina feebly protests but eventually gives in because she's attracted to Sebastian and blah, blah, blah.The Librarian was boring but I kept reading to see if the plot would pick up and become more interesting. I didn't understand why Sebastian was attracted to Regina. The story is told from Regina's 3rd person POV and we never know Sebastian's motives or what he sees in her. There was no sexual tension. None. No build up. Nada. Sebastian came off as a spoiled rich playboy and Regina was his new toy. And why virginal Regina gave into Sebastian's demands, I have no idea.I'm all for hopping on the Fifty Shades bandwagon but at least make it interesting and sexy. This book failed on so many levels for me. The Librarian would have been much more interesting if Regina was a librarian by day and a Bettie Page domme by night. Now that's a book!