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Smooth Sailing

Smooth Sailing (Stop The Wedding #2) - Lori Wilde 've been having bad luck with Harlequin Blaze lately. I don't know if it's because of the spicier covers that I expect the story to be just as spicy and tantalizing.I had a hard time connecting to the characters especially Haley. I am not a fan of judgmental characters whether it be male and female and I got tired of Haley being up on her high horse. I didn't like the plot device that was used to have Haley end up stranded on Jeb's boat. And I don't like the name Jeb. LOL! A billionaire playboy should not be named Jeb. I'm sorry.Smooth Sailing was an okay read. Once Haley was stranded on Jeb's boat, the story got better and I enjoyed watching their relationship develop. I didn't fully buy that Jeb wanted to stop his ex-girlfriend's wedding but whatever works to get him to realize that he needs to stop leading a shallow life is fine by me.There's nothing new or different in this story that makes it stand out. A good read that'll help you wile away a couple of hours.