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Lush (Delicious Novel Series #2)

Lush - Lauren Dane We were introduced to Mary in Adrian Brown's book, Never Enough. Mary is a cook. She runs her own catering company and a supper club. She's best friends with Gillian, Daisy and Jules (characters who've already been featured in their own books). Mary is too busy with her business to have a relationship but she has plenty of time for a one-night stand. Enters bad-boy drummer, Damien Hurley. Damien's bad-boy reputation is not an exaggeration. He's been photographed partying hard and living the life of a rock star. Damien doesn't apologize for his rocker lifestyle. When he meets Mary, he's immediately attracted to her and she him. Damien and Mary don't blame games or tip-toe around the attraction. As Damien gets to know Mary, he realizes that he wants more than a fling. But Mary is hesitant because of Damien's reputation.I really enjoyed Lush. I liked Damien and Mary. I think out of the group of friends, Mary is my favorite of the Delicious group. She's loyal to her friends but has no problems putting them in their place when they are out of bounds. Mary is very forward with her attraction with Damien. She doesn't regret sleeping with him after just meeting him. She's happy she slept with him and was happy to have sex with him at every given opportunity.Damien is sexy and very likable despite being a man-whore. He doesn't regret his past but hates that it may affect the relationship he's trying to have with Mary. Damien and Mary are very sexy and very dirty together.Lush is the final book in the Delicious trilogy. I hope there's a spin-off in the future for the Hurley brothers. They were a fun addition to the story. It was fun visiting characters from previous books but was so happy that they didn't overshadow Damien and Mary's story.Lush is sexy and fun. I really liked Damien and Mary as a couple. The conflict at the end was predictable but overall I enjoyed the story.