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Lover Undercover: Love Undercover (Entangled: Brazen)

Lover Undercover - Samanthe Beck 3.5 starsKylie is pretending to be her sister, Stacey. Stacey injured herself while a patron was a little too over-zealous. Stacey is a stripper at a high-end strip club called, Deuces. Known as the bad twin, Stacey is known for getting herself into trouble. Of course, Kyle is the 'good twin' and is always covering for Stacey. This time is no different. Kylie doesn't want her sister to lose her job so decides to pose as Stacey for 6 weeks while her sister is recovering from her injury. Her first night working at Deuces, Kylie catches the eye of Trevor McCade. Trevor is investigating some murders that may be connected to Stacey and Deuces. Kylie is attracted to Trevor but must keep her distance as she's pretending to be her sister. But Kylie ends up finding a dead body and must work with Trevor to find the killer before another dead body turns up.Lover Undercover is a really hot story. The best scenes are the ones between Kylie and Trevor when she's stripping as Stacey. Those lap-dances are super hot and had my Kindle sizzling. The romance and overall plot was pretty predictable. There was nothing spectacular about the good twin vs bad twin trope. It's been done before and Lover Undercover didn't bring anything different to the table. I did have a problem with the slut shaming that was associated with stripping. Only sluts strip. Good girls don't. *insert eye roll here* I rolled my eyes when Kylie revealed how much of a good girl she really is.Despite some of the issues I had, I enjoyed the book mostly. I really liked Trevor and the book is pretty steamy. That's what saved it for me. I thought the stripping scenes and lap-dance scenes were well done. Kyle is 23 and I don't like early 20 somethings in my adult contemporary romances. That's what new adult is for in my opinion. Despite her age Kylie was likable enough that her age didn't bother me too much.