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Stranded with a Billionaire (THE BILLIONAIRE BOYS CLUB)

Stranded with a Billionaire (THE BILLIONAIRE BOYS CLUB) - Jessica Clare Stranded with a Billionaire was a pleasant surprise. I was hesitant to read it because it had "Billionaire" in the title. I immediately lumped with all the other billionaire romances out there. I'm on 'billionaire alpha males' overload and wasn't interested in reading about another one. I am so glad that I gave this book a chance.Logan and Bronte meet under odd circumstances. Left by her vacation buddy during a hurricane, Bronte gets stranded in an elevator with Logan, who she assumes is the hotel manager. Logan doesn't correct Bronte's assumption. He's tired of women wanting him for his money and not for him. So he decides to keep his identity a secret. While they're stranded and waiting to be rescued, Logan and Bronte are having the time of their life. Even though they are scrounging for food and waiting for rescue, Logan and Bronte are making the best of a bad situation. Of course, there's an attraction and they decide to act on it. When they're finally rescued and are back in the States, Logan decides he wants to continue his relationship with Bronte. But Bronte finds out that Logan lied about his identity and doesn't want to have anything to do with him. Logan isn't giving up. He always gets what he wants.I really enjoyed Stranded with a Billionaire. I loved Bronte and Logan's relationship. Bronte is a smart heroine and he holds her own against Logan. and she's not whiny and pathetic. Logan is a very likable character despite him being initially closed off emotionally. He's very high-handed when he deals with Bronte and I loved his frustration with her when she doesn't automatically bend to his will. Yes Logan is dominate and alpha but not because he has a bunch of issues, sexually. He's an extremely rich man and he's used to being in control which is understandable. I loved that the huge conflict didn't happen at the end and was resolved within 5 pages. The plot flowed steadily and kept me engaged. I couldn't put the book down. I loved all the characters and can't wait to read the next book in the series.Stranded with a Billionaire is completely different from the other billionaire romances out there. I am so glad I gave this book a chance. I definitely recommend reading this one.