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Lone Wolf - Jennifer Ashley I've loved Ellison since book 1 of the Shifters Unbound series. He's the fun-loving wolf who hasn't been able to get the girl first. Ellison finally has his chance with Maria, a scared and scarred waitress who is determined to get her life together. Even though the shifters of Shiftertown have been nothing but kind to her, she is determined to live her life away from shifters.Maria was introduced in Wild Cat, book 4 of the series. I didn't read Wild Cat (I have no idea how that happened but will rectify that immediately). She was rescued from feral shifters and is living in Shiftertown under Dylan and Sean's protection.I had a hard time warming up to Maria. She was stubborn but not in a good way because her stubbornness was putting herself and others in danger. Of course I loved Ellison but felt that something was missing. This Ellison was different from the fun-loving, flirtatious Ellison in the previous books. I liked how he treated Maria with respect and gentleness. I kind of wished that Ellison was paired with someone with less baggage.Overall, I enjoyed the story and visiting characters from previous books. I can't wait to read Tiger's story which is next in the series.