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Wild Child

Wild Child - Shelley Munro The blurb caught my attention and piqued my interest. But once I started reading Wild Child, my interest waned. The fact that the h/h are step-siblings and the heroine is significantly younger than the hero grossed me out. Maybe if they were both adults when their parents married each other, I wouldn't have had an issue with the Matt and Zoe becoming lovers. But since the heroine was a young teen and the hero watched her grow up, it felt pretty icky once they became intimate. There wasn't much development in the romance in my opinion. There was nothing but sex, sex, sex. I didn't understand the "wild" part of Zoe's personality. She came off as spoiled and bratty. I wish there was more of a struggle for Matt to resist Zoe. But I guess since he didn't act on it when she was 17, that was enough restraint for him.Wild Child could have been better if the story was longer. With it being a novella, I felt that it suffered from not enough development and conflict for the Matt and Zoe. And I had the same reaction as everyone else in their lives when they told everyone they were having sex and were in love....ewwww.