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Come Undone (The Cityscape Series, #1)

Come Undone (The Cityscape Series, #1) - Jessica Hawkins I'm going to preface by saying that I have no problems with cheating in my romances. It happens in real life. Not everyone is happy in their relationship. No excuse to cheat but I'm not going to NOT read a book because the plot involves cheating. With that being said, I did not enjoy this book. Not because the heroine, Olivia, cheats on her husband. I did not enjoy it because I didn't like the characters, the execution and the overall writing. Another story told in 1st person POV where I wanted to immediately be out of Olivia's head.Olivia has been married to Bill for 3 years. He's a lawyer and she's an editorial assistant. Their marriage from all appearances is a good one. Olivia may not be thoroughly happy but she's content. Until she lays eyes on David Dylan. Renowned architect and womanizer, the sparks fly the moment they set eyes on each other. Their first encounter is across a crowded lobby at a theater. They don't speak. There are no introductions. Just staring. Which is why I had a problem with David becoming so obsessed with Olivia from that one encounter!David comes off as stalkerish and a little crazy. He immediately thinks he owns Olivia and that she owes him something. Even though she tells him she's married, he doesn't let up. He shows up at her work, hires her friend to be his personal sylist. He does whatever it takes to entrench himself, someway, into Olivia's life.A normal woman would be a little scared but Olivia is intrigued and attracted. She tries to keep their relationship strictly business. Even suggest that they try to be friends but of course, that doesn't work. In the meanwhile, Bill wants to do what every other married couple does -- start a family, buy a house in the suburbs. Olivia isn't sure she's ready for any of it. And this causes tension in their relationship.I really didn't like Olivia. From the beginning, you could tell she didn't want to be married to Bill. She has issues because of her parents' divorce, so she isn't open emotionally with her husband. She makes him use condoms because she doesn't want to get pregnant. Doesn't want to take the pill cause a friend of hers gained 10 lbs while on the Pill. Really? Isn't the benefit of being in a monogamous relationship is not having to use condoms! What I found interesting and maybe this is a ploy by the author to make the reader be more sympathetic to Olivia's cheating, is that the sex scenes with Bill were short, non-descriptive and boring without Olivia being able to achieve orgasm. Ha! I guess all married sex is like that. meanwhile the sex scene with David is long, descriptive, hot and Olivia achieving multiple orgasms. So of course Olivia is gonna cheat with someone sexier, hotter and who can give her multiple O's. I had no sympathy for Olivia at all. I feel like she put herself in the situation she's in. She's not open emotionally with her husband. She's constantly nitpicking about his appearance, his attitude, his job. Nothing Bill does works for her. I wouldn't be surprised if Bill isn't cheating on her because she is so closed off.I'm not sure if I'm going to read the second book. I honestly did not feel any chemistry between Olivia and David. David was more creepy than sexy. I want Bill to dump Olivia and for her friends to turn on her. I really didn't like this chick. And it had nothing to do with the cheating. Olivia as a person sucks. I am curious to find out how all of this plays out. We'll see.