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Taken by Him: A Billionaire's Club Story (The Billionaire's Club)

Taken by Him - Red Garnier Luke Preston is a playboy who was just shot for sleeping with another man's woman. His friends are concerned about him and want him to lay low until the man is caught. And while Luke is laying low, they also want him to lay off the women since that is what caused him to have a bullet in the chest in the first place. Luke doesn't understand why his friends are so worried. But he gives him and heads off to Cancun for a little R&R.Peyton is on vacation. She's determined to have a vacation fling, something that she would never do in her normal everyday life. But she figures it's time to let her hair down and have a little fun. When she spies Luke on the beach, she immediately sees him as perfect vacation fling material. What starts off as a fling turns into much more.I really enjoyed Taken By Him. Even though Luke is a manwhore, he's very likable. He's a dirty talker and I love a dirty talking hero. The chemistry between Luke and Peyton is intense and electric. I liked Peyton. She's a little stick in the mud but Luke brings her out of her shell. I love stories where the playboy is brought to his knees by a woman. When they fall, they fall hard and it ain't pretty but it's pretty entertaining.I would have rated Taken By Him higher but one thing bothered me. Peyton is on vacation and wants to have a fling. She has this fling without using a condom. She's on the pill so that is the excuse that is used to not use condoms despite the fact that she's having sex with someone she just met. And Luke is a slut. When Peyton finally gets an eyeful of Luke's playboy lifestyle, she's angry and her first thought was "And I had sex with him without a condom!" Duh! It took THAT for you to realize that you didn't really know this guy? I hate that writers use this as a way to justify no condom use. This bothered me a lot. Overall this was a sexy read and I really liked the hero a lot despite the fact that he's a cocky manwhore.