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The Seduction Hypothesis (The Science of Temptation)

The Seduction Hypothesis - Delphine Dryden Ben and Lindsey recently broke up and now have to spend a long weekend together at Beast-Con. Ben and Lindsey had a good relationship but something was missing for Lindsey. When she timidly broached the subject of BDSM with Ben, he immediately rebuffs the idea and shortly thereafter, breaks up with her. Lindsey still wants Ben but she also knows that she needs more from their relationship and isn't sure that he's the one to give it to her.There seriously needs to be more series about nerds and sex. Nerds are freaky and need love too. I enjoyed The Seduction Hypothesis even though I didn't like Ben and Lindsey as much as I liked Cami and Ivan from the first book of this series. With Ben and Lindsey, I felt that there was something missing especially Ben. Ivan had his social issues that made him quirky and adorable. Ben's thing is that he's impulsive and doesn't finish what he started but I didn't quite get a feel for that. We were told that Ben is this way instead of being shown. I also didn't fully believe that Ben all of a sudden became a Dom but raising his eyebrow and speaking with a firm voice. It takes more than that to be a Dom and didn't believe that he was a naturally a Dom.I couldn't figure out why I should root for Ben and Lindsey to be together as a couple. The sex scenes were hot but I felt that the chemistry something was lacking. Overall I liked the book but it didn't have the oomph that I was hoping for.