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Not Until You: Part I - Not Until You Dare (Loving On The Edge, #3.51)

Not Until You: Part I - Not Until You Dare (Loving On The Edge, #3.51) - Roni Loren I'm normally hesitant to read serials but I am a huge fan of Loren's Loving on the Edge series so I knew I had to read the first installment of Not Until You.Cela has just graduated from veterinary school. She's spent all her life being the obedient daughter and in a few weeks, she'll be moving back to her hometown to work in her father's practice and date the guy that her family approves of. Cela has been crushing on her neighbors for a year but hasn't done anything but mumble a hello as she scurries to her apartment. Cela is ready to be a little wild before she heads off to her boring life in Palo Verde. Cela shares a wall with her sexy neighbor Ian Foster and has heard some of the sexual exploits of her apartment neighbors. He has starred in many of her fantasies and wonders if he's as good as he sounds.Ian Foster has the hots for his shy neighbor. Foster and his roommate, Pike, often share women and they both think that Cela is sexy. Foster would like nothing more to have Cela for himself but he thinks she's too innocent for his dark tastes.Not Until You Dare is super sexy and hot! The serial starts off with a bang and I can't wait to read the next installment. The sexual tension between Foster and Cela is explosive. Foster is a member of The Ranch and he is a Dom. He wants to mold Cela into the woman he knows she can be but doesn't want to scare her. He sees her innocence and isn't sure she can handle what he wants. Foster is very sexy and intense where Pike is boyishly charming and fun.I love that Cela is Latina. There aren't many ethnic main characters in erotic romances. We get a peek into Cela's conservative, hispanic background. You understand why she's never defied her parents and feels the pressure to be a good girl and not disappoint her father. I will say that my only complaint is Cela's age. I wish she was a little older. From what I can tell, Cela is 24/25 years old. I've been reading a lot of adult romances where the heroine is in her 20s and the hero is in his 30s. It's been bothering me. It's as if older established women aren't sexy anymore. Anyway....I really enjoyed Not Until You Dare and all I want is for them to go to The Ranch. Hopefully it happens soon. This serial will be released in 8 installments and I am looking forward to each and every one.