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Freefall - Jill Sorenson Freefall is a gritty, action-packed adventure. The setting, the characters and the action provides an edge of your seat adventure that pulls you in and not let go.Hope and her younger sister Faith are on vacation, going white water rafting. Before they are able to get their vacation underway, Hope gets a call saying that a small airplane had crashed in the Sierra National Park. Being a Park Ranger and the only one who is also law enforcement, Hope leaves her sister, Faith, and investigates the crash. The eyewitness and the person who reported the crash turns out to be Sam Rutherford, a man that Hope had a one-night stand six months ago. Sam is recovering from a head injury and the loss of his fiancée. His one night stand with Hope was a mistake, done when he was drunk and in emotional pain. What starts off as a search and rescue has Sam and Hope running for their lives and in a race to save Hope’s sister.There is a lot going on in this book with a side plot involving Faith and Javier, a killer on the run. I felt that Sam and Hope's romance gets lost in the shuffle. The declaration of love didn't ring true to me because the romance part of this book wasn't fully developed for the two. And Sam was so hurt and was still in mourning over his fiancee's death that I found it hard to believe that all of a sudden, he was ready to fall in love with Hope. Now with Javier and Faith, that was a different story. I believed what they felt for each other and it felt more natural.Freefall can definitely be read as a stand alone. The plot is expertly woven and the suspense element is very well done. With harsh weather elements, bears, crooked park rangers and drug cartels, Freefall is a suspenseful and action packed story that holds your attention from start to finish.