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Officer Off Limits (A Line of Duty Novel) (Entangled Brazen)

Officer off Limits - Tessa Bailey What I like about this series is that the heroes have such filthy mouths and Daniel Chase is no exception. Daniel is a hostage negotiator and admitted playboy. When he's at the hospital visiting his mentor who's recovering from a heart attack, Daniel unknowingly flirts with his mentor's daughter, Story. Despite being warned that Story is off limits, Daniel can't seem to keep his mind and hands off of her.Story doesn't have the best relationship with her absentee father but when she finds out he's in the hospital, she immediately flies to New York. The timing couldn't be more perfect; she's on summer vacation and her fiance just dumped her. Story needs to get away and spending time in New York and reconnecting with her father is perfect. What Story doesn't count on is falling for Daniel Chase. Daniel is cocky, sexy and Story is immediately attracted to him. But does she want to jump into a new relationship while she's still recovering from the previous one?I've noticed an ongoing trend in this series (besides the dirty talking heroes). The heroines are so young! I thought it was a fluke with the first book in the series but it has been the trend in all 3 books and the novella. The heroines are in their early 20s while the heroes are in their early 30s. It bothers me. I don't want to feel like I'm reading New Adult but with the heroines not being experienced in life, it sometimes reads that way. Why there has to be such an age discrepancy, I have no idea. Story is a kindergarten teacher and she doesn't come off as immature but I couldn't get the age thing out of my head while reading the book.Another thing that bothered me is that we never found out how or why Story got her name and Daniel never asks. If you meet someone with an usual name, you're going to ask what's the story (heh) behind the name. It never happens and it drove me crazy because I wanted to know. I kept waiting for Daniel to ask Story about her name. For me, you can't give a character an unusual name and don't explain why that person has that name. I finished Officer Off Limits really annoyed about that.Overall, the story was okay. Besides the name and age issues, I liked the chemistry and romance. I did feel that the side plot about Story's neighbor was not needed as a way to have Daniel and Story reconcile and lead to their eventual HEA.Officer Off Limits is a hot sexy read with a alpha hero who likes to talk dirty.