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Avoiding Mr. Right (Walk on the Wild Side, Book 2)

Avoiding Mr. Right - C.J. Ellisson I wasn't a fan of Carla from the previous book. I thought she was a total bitch. My opinion of her didn't change much when I finished reading Avoiding Mr. Right.Carla claims that the men she meets and sleeps with are dumb and boring in bed. She's tired of having bad sex. But I'm thinking she's the one who's bad in bed. After that "tolerable" encounter with Andy, with Carla barking out orders and then falling asleep, I firmly believe that she's the problem. Not the men. Carla has trust and commitment issues which stems from her dad leaving them when she was a teen and her being still being super bitter about it 15 years later.Andy is a nice guy who has the hots for Carla. But because he's an accountant (gasp! the horror!), in Carla's warped mind, Andy can't possibly be exciting or good in bed. Uh okay Carla. Weird generalization you got going on there. But Andy is determined to prove Carla wrong even though Carla is being mean and bitchy to him.For the most part, I enjoyed Avoiding Mr. Right despite not liking Carla. I still don't think I fully understood her motivation or her actions. I adore Andy and don't think Carla is good enough for him. Throughout the book, I wondered what he saw in her. I mean, it's not like Carla's the nicest person in the world or the most open.There were a couple of things that happened in the book that confused me. Or made me feel that it was an unnecessary to the plot. The whole thing with Carla's dad felt abrupt and completely out of left field. I guess this was supposed to happen to help Carla and her mom move on but it didn't feel organic to the plot. The ending of Avoiding Mr. Right felt abrupt. I wasn't expecting it to end when it did.An overall enjoyable story with a too nice hero with a naughty side in the bedroom, Avoiding Mr. Right was a fun read. Carla never won me over. She was too much work, played too many games and at times not a very nice person. But thankfully, Andy more than made up for it.