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No Strings Attached

No Strings Attached - Nicolette Day I am a sucker for a friends to lovers story and No Strings Attached did not disappoint. Jace and Hayden have been friends for a long time. Hayden has landed her dream job and is getting ready to move to Sudan. Jace has been in love with his best friend for a year and doesn't want her to leave. Hayden wants to spend her last night in town being wild and having a one night stand. But will Jace get in the way of Hayden's fun night?No Strings Attached is a super cute story. I really liked Jace and Hayden and they have great chemistry. In less than 100 pages, the author was able to convey the depth of their friendship and the underlying longing that the two have for each other. The sex scenes were hot and fulfilling. Nothing felt rush. My only complaint with great novellas that is that I wish it was longer.