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Entwined with You (Crossfire Trilogy Series #3)

Entwined with You - Sylvia Day Gideon and Eva are my favorite dysfunctional couple but their shtick is wearing thin. Entwined with You starts later that day when Reflected in You ends. So of course, nothing has progressed since the last book. I don't know how much more I can take of this immature, crazy relationship. Because their relationship is not mature. At all. I need some growth not more crazy!!Originally this series was supposed to be three books but now it has been extended to five books. Entwined With You felt like a filler book. I hope this wasn't the original final book in the series because if it was, I would have been upset. Nothing is resolved. There's no character growth, zero plot and nothing but sex scene after sex scene. Eva and Gideon normally frustrates me with their obsessive nature of their relationship but it is now ruining my enjoyment of this series.Eva still doesn't have a backbone. She'll stand up to her mom about her stalkerish behavior but barely says jack squat to Gideon. She's his puppet. She's under his control. All he has to say is 'trust me' or 'I'm doing it to protect you' and she nods and says ok and goes along her merry way like a chastised child. This behavior is no longer okay. Eva claims she wants to be independent. I cry foul. If she wants to be so independent, she would have never moved into the apartment that her step-father pays for. She wouldn't be using her mother's or Gideon's car service. She wouldn't be clinging to Cary as a roommate. She does not want that man out of her life. When will she ever grow up?I'm tired of Gideon and Eva using sex as a way to not talk about their issues. There is so much sex in this book that I was worn out and not in a good way. And when did Gideon become such a dirty talker? I don't remember his mouth being so filthy in the previous books. Are we supposed to be shocked or turned on? I was neither. I was annoyed. There's one thing that happened that made me laugh and I don't think that was the point of the scene.Entwined with You had many eye roll moments. I gave myself a headache. At one point I wondered, is this a joke? So much of this book was over-the-top and ridiculous!For me, the elements that makes this series so cracky and wonderful were sorely missing from Entwined With You. I'm going to continue with this series because I have to know what's going to happen with Gideon and Eva. Hopefully there will be some emotional growth. For two people who go to therapy, they suck at getting their sh*t together. And don't do what their therapist tells them! How are you expected to get better?Entwined with You was very disappointing. I was more annoyed than entertained with this book. The ending was abrupt and confusing. Exes are still coming out of the woodwork so serve what purpose, I have no idea. Gideon is still manipulating Eva and she's still letting him. Eva's mom is still controlling, Cary doesn't have his life together and Victor (Eva's dad) is the only normal, stable person in the book. Maybe she needs to go live with him.Like I said earlier, EwY felt like a filler book. I'm not quitting this series cause I need to see how this all plays out. But I do need some character growth and maturity to happen in order for me to continue to want to see Gideon and Eva have their HEA.