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Willow Springs (Destiny, #5)

Willow Springs (Destiny, #5) - Toni Blake 2.5 starsI am a huge fan of the friends to lovers trope. I love watching friends see each other with new eyes. I had high hopes for Willow Springs because I am such a fan of the friends to lovers storyline, but the story and the characters were a disappointment.I haven't read the previous books in the Destiny series so I don't know if I had a problem with the story because I wasn't invested in the characters and their HEA. Amy is known as the town matchmaker. She is great at finding love for everyone else but herself. Logan is her lifelong friend. After a recent tragedy on the job, Logan has sunk into a deep depression. Amy is determined to get him out of his depression. In a moment of weakness, Logan kisses Amy. That kiss awakens feelings that Amy never knew she had for her best friend. Logan is apologetic and feels like an ass. He hopes that the kiss doesn't ruin their friendship.Something about Logan and Amy didn't click for me. First, Logan is not the greatest hero. He's kind of a callous ass who takes advantage of Amy and their friendship without any thought to her feelings. And when his callousness is brought to his attention, he is slow on the uptake. To complicate matters even further, a friend from Logan's past returns to Destiny and throws a wrench in Amy's plans to turn her friendship with Logan into a romance. This blast from the past should have been a sympathetic character that as the reader, I wanted to root for. But instead, she was a callous, selfish bitch who I wanted to slap. Her and Logan would have been perfect together.Amy has no back-bone, which I guess that's how she is, but whenever she would get a little steel in her spine, and say what's on her mind, she immediately would back down and then apologize for feeling a certain way. It drove me crazy. I felt that the built up to Logan and Amy's romance took forever and when it finally happened, I was ecstatic until Logan started acting like an inconsiderate ass. I was let down when something about Amy was revealed that kind of made me roll my eyes because I felt that Logan was so undeserving and I felt that there was no need to have it be part of the plot.Willow Springs was an okay read. Again, I haven't read the previous books so maybe that's why I wasn't as invested in Logan and Amy's HEA. I had no problems following the plot and I enjoyed the other characters from previous books. As a couple, Logan and Amy didn't work for me. Maybe if they were with different people, I would have liked the romance better.