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The Summer He Came Home (Bad Boys of Crystal Lake)

The Summer He Came Home - Juliana Stone The Summer He Came Home was an okay story. Cain is back home for his best friend's funeral. He's now a famous rock star and hasn't been home in 10 years. Being back home isn't easy for him and he's ready to get back on the road until he meets Maggie. Maggie is a single mom and works as a maid. When Cain shows interest in her Maggie, she has no desire in getting involved with him. But Cain is hard to resist especially when he wins over her son.It took awhile for me to warm up to Maggie. She was very prickly and it rubbed me the wrong way. I liked Cain and The Bad Boys. I would have liked more than a glimpse into Cain's life as a rock star on the road. I'm looking forward to reading Jake's book. I hope Dax gets a book as well or a novella. He's a colorful character. For the most part, The Summer He Came Home follows the romance formula. Nothing really stood out for me to make this book different from other romances out there. With that said, I will continue with this series because I really liked The Bad Boys and am looking forward to reading about the women that bring them to their knees.