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Sealed Forever

SEALed Forever - Mary-Margret Daughtridge I don't know what to make of SEALed Forever. I haven't read the previous books in the series but figured that the story wouldn't be difficult to follow. SEALed Forever starts with Garth experiencing a near-death experience. Fast forward a year later and he's a groomsmen for his friend's, Davy, wedding. He meets Bronwyn who is the bride's best friend. Apparently that encounter didn't leave an impression on either one of them.Garth is working at a small airstrip in North Carolina when he finds a baby in a box. The baby looks dehydrated so he decides he needs to take the baby to a doctor. He doesn't want to take her to the ER because he doesn't want to have to answer any questions. Bronwyn doesn't want to be a big city doctor and decides to leave Baltimore for small town living. She's now a country doctor in N.C. starting her own practice. Garth shows up on her doorstep during a storm, seeking her assistance in helping the baby that he named Julia.The first issue I had with SEALed Forever were the names! Good grief they were a mouth full. Bronwyn Whitescarver. Landreth. What in the world? Anyway, so when Garth ends up on Bronwyn front porch, it's dark. The lights had just gone out so they couldn't see each other. Once the lights turn back on, both Bronwyn and Garth realize that they've met each other before. Bronwyn is relieved because she knows that Garth can be trusted. Garth finally gets a look at Bronwyn and it's like the angels started singing. He's instantly in love and starts thinking of her as his mate. Pump the breaks. Mate? Say what? Is this a PNR cause that is some paranormal talk right there. Garth is already thinking about making Bronwyn his wife. Because Garth was moving fast in his thought process, I expected this to be a whirlwind, passionate courtship. Boy was I wrong!The romance dragged and was lukewarm. Bronwyn is still recovering from losing her fiancee so she is not ready to get into a relationship. I can't help but compare this book to other romantic suspense books I've read involving Navy SEALS. I expected Garth to be intense and dark. Instead I thought he was boring. I didn't find the love at first sight aspect believable and thought he was too pushy and manipulative.All in all, the entire plot dragged and the story arc took too long to reach its conclusion. The romance or the mystery surrounding the baby did not keep me engaged enough to care about the outcome.