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His Elle - Jemima Valentino I am definitely not familiar with the BDSM lifestyle and can't begin to comprehend being in that lifestyle. Reading His Elle definitely took me out of my comfort zone. Elle meets a doctor during a visit to Urgent Care. We never find out the doctor's name. Information about him is very minimal. Two years later after that visit, we find out that he is her Master and we discover what traumatic event landed her in Urgent Care. I would think after experiencing what she did, the last thing Elle would want to do was to be submissive to a man. But Master has gained her trust through training and patience. We see that he cares for her, a lot, and despite being the Dom, he wouldn't do anything to push her beyond her limits.His Elle was a dark read for me. Even though Master cares for Elle deeply, I couldn't help but wonder why love her this way? Especially knowing what she has been through. The author expertly portrays the deep feelings and conflicts that Elle and her Master experiences. I finished the story wondering where does it go from here? If you're familiar with the BDSM world, then this book is for you.