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Storm's Heart (Elder Races Series #2)

Storm's Heart - Thea Harrison Storm’s Heart picks up after the death of Urien, the Dark Fae King, and Niniane (Tricks) coming out as the next in line for the Dark Fae throne. After an attempt is made on Niniane’s life and it was all caught on video, Tiago is sent to capture Niniane and bring her back to New York. Niniane is not looking forward to her new life as the Dark Fae Queen. She’s spent 200 years living her life in New York with the Wyr. They are family and it’s the only life she has known. But now that she has come out as the heir to the Dark Fae throne, there is no going back. Someone is out to make sure she doesn’t claim that throne but it won’t deter Niniane from claiming her birthright, no matter how much she doesn’t want to do it. It doesn’t help that Tiago has deemed himself her personal bodyguard and protector. They butt heads constantly but underneath the clashing of egos and opinions is a simmering attraction.We were introduced to Tricks (Niniane) and Tiago in Dragon Bound. They were both yelling at each other and insulting each other. The insults and yelling continues but it’s in an “ohmygodyouaresonothebossofmeIwantyoursexybody” kind of way. Tiago is an old warrior. He is a Thunderbird and is known as Dr. Death. When he is assigned to protect Niniane and to find out who is trying to kill her, he jumps into his job wholeheartedly. The tiny faerie has no real Power; while living with the Wyr they’ve taught her different moves so that she could protect herself to compensate for her small size and lack of Power. Hence the nickname, Tricks. Niniane walks around in 4 inch stilettos that contain poison in the pointy heels. Tiago and Niniane’s relationship is full if heated and sometimes sexy banter. Niniane is quick with the comebacks and her sharp wit and Tiago’s reaction to her sharp tongue provided many laugh out loud moments. I love that their relationship was not too serious in the beginning despite the dangerous and serious circumstances that surrounded them. Tiago’s frustration with Niniane was comical and displayed that despite her small size; Niniane could toe-to-toe with a Wyr and keep him off-balance. There’s a lot more world building in Storm’s Heart. We find out whose part of the political food chain. The political posturing by the Dark Fae plays a huge role in Storm’s Heart. Niniane is new to the game and doesn’t know who to trust. Her instincts say to let the Wyr handle it but as soon to be Queen of the Dark Fae, she must show that she will be able to rule. And having the Wyr involved creates a conflict that could lead to war. Rune and Aryal play a major role in finding out who is behind the attacks. We are also introduced to Carling, the Vampyre Queen. She is one weird chick and is Rune’s love interest in book 3, Serpent’s Kiss. I’d love to see how that relationship is going to work. LOL!The mystery surrounding the assassination attempts on Niniane’s life slowed down the book for me. I was more interested in the romance between Tiago and Niniane. I loved how the tiny faerie kept the warrior Alpha male on his toes. Storm’s Heart didn’t wow me like Dragon Bound but it was definitely a great follow up. I am so excited to read the next installment in this series. If you haven’t read the Elder Races series, I highly recommend you do. Thea Harrison continues to be a fresh and original voice in paranormal romance.B