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Logan's Redemption

Logan's Redemption - Cara Marsi Logan is hired by Doriana's father to find out who is selling bidding secrets to his competitors. Logan and Doriana have a history. They were once teenage lovers until Logan abruptly left town, unknowingly leaving Doriana pregnant and alone. Sixteen years later and Doriana is faced with trying to keep their son a secret. Except that the longer she's around Logan, the more those old feelings stir up. Can she count on Logan to stick around for good?Logan's Redemption got off to a good start. I loved how the author portrayed Doriana's conflict in regards to whether or not she wanted to reveal to Logan that they have a son together. The best thing to do would be to not let the secret go much further but 16 years has passed and Doriana doesn't know where Logan is in his life. Is he ready to be a father? Does he want to be a father? A lot of past emotions and baggage are holding both Logan and Doriana back from pursuing a relationship with each other. In the beginning it was understandable but as the book continued, I kind of got tired of the constant back and forth. Neither one of them trusted the other which made it frustrating. The amount of secrets that Logan and Doriana were keeping was ridiculous. It seemed like neither one was willing to give a little in order to move forward.The suspense of the aspect was not too suspenseful. The bad guys were fleshed out pretty early. The main key to the plot was the motivation behind the sabotage. There was a little bit of action towards the end of the book. Finally, Logan and Doriana come clean with each other which I think took too long.All in all, it was a good story. There were some plot points that caused the story to drag a little but it didn't take away from my overall enjoyment of the book.