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The Legacy of Eden

The Legacy of Eden - Nelle Davy The Legacy of Eden reminds of the great mini-series that used to air on TV in the 80s or a two-part movie on Lifetime. The story takes place between the present and the past. The story is told from Meredith Pancetti's point of view. The last of the Hathaway's has died and she must go to Aurelia, the family farm, to finalize the selling of it. Aurelia holds bad memories for most of the Hathways and family secrets. Told from first person POV, the story jumps between Meredith's present day voice and the past, 3rd person POV.The Hathaways history starts off with scandal. The grandmother, Lavinia, had an affair with Meredith's grandfather, Cal, while she was still married to another man. As the plot progresses, we are privy to the life-changing incidents that shaped the Hathaway family. There's drama, deceit, secrets and lies but nothing that I found earth shattering. I found that as I read The Legacy of Eden, I was constantly waiting for the other shoe to drop. There were hints throughout that there were big secrets in the family; shameful secrets. When the secrets were revealed - and not in an outright, obvious way - I felt a little let down. I expected something that would make my jaw drop and instead, my reaction was "that's all?" Granted, the secrets are nothing to sneeze at but because I had built up this story to be something that would rival The Thornbirds, I felt that the family secrets didn't rock my world.I also felt disconnected to the story and to Meredith. It could be due to the fact that Meredith is disconnected as a narrator. She left Aurelia and never looked back. She had no relationship with her two sisters. Meredith is pretty much alone. I felt no sympathy for Meredith especially when her and Ava confront each other. It was an emotional sister moment and I was not moved. I felt that Meredith was selfish and in her actions, only cared about herself.The Legacy of Eden kept me reading only because of I was curious to discover more about the dysfunction of the Hathaway family. This is a family who suffers a lot of tragedy in their lives and most of it is due to their own selfishness and misguidance. All in all, it was a nice way to spend an afternoon reading. I wish there was more angst and maybe it's just me, but I wanted it to be a little more over-the-top. If you like stories that spans multiple generations interspersed with family drama and angst, then you might like The Legacy of Eden.C-