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All Things Wicked (Dark Mission Series)

All Things Wicked - Karina Cooper I didn't think after what Caleb did in Blood of the Wicked, I didn't think that I would be able to like Caleb. What he did was abominable even if his intentions were good. Were they good? I don't know. I'd like to think that he was sacrificing people and almost killed his sister for the *right* reasons. What I didn't expect when I started reading All Things Wicked is that I actually liked Caleb's character. How is this possible? How can I like this cruel person? Throughout my reading, All Things Wicked, I was constantly conflicted about Caleb and his actions.Karina Cooper does a great job of creating the ambiguity of right vs. wrong when it comes to Caleb. Caleb believes that his actions were justified. What he did was for the greater good. Would he do it again? Probably. Does he have some regrets? Probably not. This is why as a hero, Caleb is a difficult character to relate to and root for. While reading Caleb's story, I wondered if he was deserving of a HEA. He has caused so much pain it seems only fair that Caleb suffers as well.Juliet is a character who I loved and disliked. She is weak; she has been protected all her life. And the one time she tries to be strong and avenge her sister's death, she can't follow through. At first, I didn't see her as a great match with Caleb but as the story and their relationship progressed, I realized she is a great compliment to Caleb's character. Caleb needs to protect and Juliet needs to be protected. She had her TSTL moments that drove me crazy but it was consistent with Juliet's character. Her attempts at being useful and strong happened during the most inopportune times. It frustrated me but I saw that it was her way of taking control and feeling like she is making a difference.Jessie, Silas, Naomi and Matilda play an integral role in the latest installment of this series. Secrets are uncovered. New characters are introduced. New players in the Mission and the Coven motives are revealed. There were a lot of twists and turns that kept me on my toes and on the edge of my seat.The Dark Mission series is a great balance of PNR and UF. Yes there's romance and each featured couple as their own HEA (of some sort) but the overall plot of the series is dark and gritty. Witches are be hunted and persecuted in New Seattle and while witches are worrying about being discovered by the Mission, they also have to worry about The Coven of the Unbinding. A group of witches who's reach extends beyond the ruins of Old Seattle. In All Things Wicked, we learn more about the Coven and how the were able to have members in prominent positions within the Mission. I loved the continuing development of the story arc. I can't wait to see what happens next.