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Three to Tango

Three to Tango - Emma Holly, Lauren Dane, Megan Hart, Bethany Kane Dirty/Bad/Wrong by Lauren Dane:I am a huge Lauren Dane fan and I knew that her novella was going to be HOT! She did not disappoint. Ava is back in her hometown for her mother's funeral. Ava doesn't have great memories of Petal, Georgia. Her mother was a drunk, her father abused her and she grew up dirt poor. She is now a successful business woman living in L.A.; a far cry from the insecure teen that escaped the small town. The saving grace for Ava was her special friendship with Angelo and Luca. When Ava returns, she and Luca pick up where things left off. And Angelo joins in the fun. This story reminded me of Laid Bare. Two best guy friends who have feelings for each other but one is more hesitant to act on them than the other. The man love was super sexy and I wanted more. This story was hot from start to finish. There was so much more that could happen with Ava, Luca and Angelo and this could have easily been a full length novel. I was sad to see it in but Dane packed a punch in less than 100 pages. Have a change of underwear near by when you read this one.Rating: 4.5/5Just for One Night by Megan HartWe've always wondered about the one that got away. Kerry goes to her high school reunion, thinking about her old crush, Brian. Encouraged by her boyfriend Jeremy, Kerry sets out to seduce Brian. Luckily, Brian was looking forward to seeing Kerry and hoping that he would have the courage to finally approach her. They both have the same thing in mind, seduction, and have sex. Kerry thinks it's a one time thing until she can do nothing but think about Brian. What started as a one-night stand turns into something a lot more. I thought the premise of this story was good. Kerry's boyfriend, Jeremy, gets off on hearing about her sexcapades with Brian. I thought that this would lead to an eventual threesome but it doesn't. The ending kinda disappointed me because I was expecting something different. The sex scenes did not disappoint but they weren't has hot Dane's story.Rating: 3.5/5Flipping for Chelsea by Emma HollyMore man love for the win! First I have to say that the fact that Shay and Liam are adopted brothers kinda threw me for a loop. They are not blood related but grew up together. If you can get past that fact, then you can enjoy the story, which I did. Shay and Liam both have a crush on their friend, Chelsea. Chelsea is getting ready to leave for college and she's ready to act on the feelings she has for Liam. Liam is hesitant to give in because he knows that Shay has been in love with Chelsea for forever. But little does Liam know, Shay is also in love with Liam. In the above garage room, Liam, Shay and Chelsea experiences something that changes their relationship and friendship forever. The threesome between Liam, Shay and Chelsea was a scorcher! The first 20 pages takes place in the past, when the three of them hook up. I instantly fell in love with Shay who is unsure and kinda shy. He's sure of his feelings but is scared to express them. I felt so bad for him! The relationship between the three is complicated especially as adults. This is another story that packs a lot of punch but left me wanting more, more, MORE!Rating: 4/5On the Job by Bethany KaneThis novella started off with great potential but fizzled in the end for me. Walker is back in town, protecting Maddie. He left Maddie 10 years ago to pursue his own dreams. Maddie has never forgotten how Walker left her without looking back. And she plans on not letting him forget either. Like I said, the novella started off great with Maddie doing a little strip-tease and seduction scene to rattle Walker's cage. Maddie doesn't expect Walker to take her up on her offer and soon she's handcuffed and getting sexed up by Walker. I thought that their mutual friendship with Tony was going to play a factor in their sexual exploits more but it doesn't. What happens at the end seemed out of character for both Walker and Maddie and I didn't find it believable. Rating: 3/5