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Notorious Pleasures (Maiden Lane Series #2)

Notorious Pleasures - Elizabeth Hoyt I enjoyed Notorious Pleasures from start to finish. The manner in which Lady Hero and Lord Reading meet is hilarious. I knew from the moment Lady Hero threw her earbob at Lord Reading's naked bum, this book was going to be a winner!Lady Hero and Lord Reading are true opposites. She disapproves of his lifestyle and he disapproves of her rigidness. This leads them to giving each other nicknames: Lady Perfect and Lord Shameless. They call each other this throughout the book. I found it cute. As they continue to find themselves in each other's company, the bantering continues with a heated sexual undertone. Lady Hero is a stickler for social norms and behaviors but she finds herself breaking those norms whenever she's around Griffin (Lord Reading). Suddenly, marrying Griffin's dull as dirt brother, Thomas, doesn't seem like such a great idea.Notorious Pleasures is part of the Maiden Lane series but can be read as a stand alone. The plot is pretty predictable but enjoyable nonetheless. The story is humorous and sexy; beyond sexy it was downright steamy!! I enjoyed Hero and Griffin. They are great characters that kept the story interesting. A definite read if you're a fan of Elizabeth Hoyt and historical romance. I haven't read Wicked Intentions (Book 1 of the series) but will definitely be reading it in the future!