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Bride of the High Country (Runaway Brides Romance Series #3)

Bride of the High Country - Kaki Warner Bride of the High Country is the third book of the Runaway Brides series. I haven't read the two previous books but I had no problems following the plot. The book easily read as a stand alone with characters from the previous two books smoothly being a part of Tait and Margaret's story.I really enjoyed Bride of the High Country. The romance is really well-written. The one thing that I heard about Kaki Warner's books is that there are no graphic sex scenes. The intimate scenes fade to black, something that I'm not used to reading but it worked for me. The focus was on the relationship and the romance.Margaret has experienced a lot of hardship at a young age so as an adult, what she wants in life is safety and security. She thinks she's going to find that with Doyle but when she discovers a secret about Doyle, she takes off. Tait is tasked with bringing her back. Tait and Margaret's relationship has always been a tense one but the longer they are in each other's company, the tension begins to ease. Margaret is a strong-willed woman and knows her own mind. She frustrates Tait constantly with battling him at every turn. Margaret is a woman who must have the last word. Some of these scenes, with Tait and Margaret arguing back and forth, were some of my favorite."Take down your hair.""It might get tangled.""I'll brush it later.""But it knots easily.""I'll brush out every snarl. I promise.""But-""Now? You want to argue about your hair now?" Because Tait and Margaret's relationship is written so well, I was not overly fond when the two were separated. I loved that Margaret met new friends and started establishing her life and independence at Heartbreak Creek but for me, it took too long for Tait and Margaret to get back together. I really liked Tait; he is written so well as the hero. You can't help but root for him to find his way back to Margaret. I was hoping the reconciliation would have happened sooner rather than later. Because of my impatience of the inevitable reunion, some parts of the book dragged for me.At the end, it felt like the plots of the previous two books were quickly wrapped up while leaving us wanting more with the epilogue. I am definitely interested in reading more about Thomas and Pru. I liked Bride of the High Country a lot. I haven't read many historical romances that take place in America and it was refreshing. I will definitely be reading the next book in the series.