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Never Enough (Brown Siblings, #4)

Never Enough (Brown Siblings, #4) - Lauren Dane I love this series so much but Never Enough was a huge disappointment for me. Adrian and Gillian's relationship progressed too quickly for me and I could not connect with the characters or their relationship. I felt that there was no romantic build up. They go from 0 to 60 in the span of a week! Adrian calls Gillian a money-grubbing whore when she contacts him and tells him that he has a 13 year old son. Gillian gets pissed and angry, deservedly so. And then Adrian shows up, apologizes and then they're having sex with Miles in the house with them! What the hell? Gillian prides herself on being a good mother and not being like her whoring mother and sister but she does not prove her case by hopping into bed with Adrian so quickly. I did not understand her behavior when she comes off as prissy and conservative.I also thought that the relationship was too convenient and easy. Where's the courtship? The anticipation? Other than Miles and the love of music, what else did they have in common? Oh yeah, they both like to talk dirty during sex. That's a great foundation to form a relationship, especially when a child is involved. I felt like everything was rushed just to get to the inevitable story arc (climax) and resolution at the end. And speaking of the end, the story just ends, quite abruptly. And it ends with them having nasty, dirty sex which I guess is appropriate since it seems to me that is what their relationship is based on. Never Enough is the last book in this series. I was hoping for an epilogue, taking place 5 years later, with Miles graduating from high school and a quick wrap up of what has been going on in the Brown's lives. In my opinion, this book needed an epilogue, desperately.I know that this book is an erotic romance. I expect there to be hot sex. Heck, I want there to be hot sex. But not in place of a great emotional read which is what I've come to expect from this series. Like I said earlier, I love this series. Laid Bare and Coming Undone are two of my all time favorite books. There was just something missing in Never Enough and I couldn't connect with the characters or the story. I felt that the emotional connection was lacking. There was no depth in the relationship. I expected more from Adrian's book. Much more. There has been this big build-up of who will capture Adrian's heart for three books and for it to end up like this was a serious let down.D