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Under His Hand

Under His Hand - Anne Calhoun Tess has trust issues. So why would she date a Navy SEAL who leaves at a drop of a hat and she has no idea when he will return? As a SEAL, Drew is very protective of Tess. She doesn't live in the best neighborhood and has certain rules for her when he's out of town. When he returns unexpectedly and catches Tess breaking one of his rules, he decides that she needs to be punished a la a good spanking. Tess doesn't understand what the big deal is and doesn't believe that Drew will follow through. But the spanking is more about sex and punishment. It's about Tess finally opening herself up to someone.In such a short read, we learn about Tess and Drew's relationship and Tess's trust issues. Under His Hand is a nice quick read. The sex is hot but not super steamy like in Liberating Lacey.