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Men Out of Uniform: Three Novellas of Erotic Surrender

Men Out of Uniform - Sylvia Day, Maya Banks, Karin Tabke Soul Possession by Maya Banks - This story seriously disappointed me. I didn't like the threesome aspect of the story. Truitt and Rick have been frequenting a bar where Jessie is a waitress for a few weeks. After a couple of weeks of seeing her at work and minimal conversation, they both want her and after one night with her, they both develop feelings for Jessie. I know that this is a novella and that the plot has to progress quickly, but I did not find it believable. And then to throw into the pot Jessie being accused of murder and then being threatened by a serial killer, I felt it was too much for only 140 pages. For me, there was really no suspense in this story. When the killer was revealed, it was anti-climatic and I didn't really care.Rating: D-Wanted by Karin Tabke - I really liked this one. I loved the history between Colin and Sophia. Colin is a very sexy hero and is not the whoring douche that people thinks he is. There's more to him that meets the eye and you see a different side of him when he's around Sophia. The story was very sexy and hot and the plot was great and full of action. I didn't feel like anything was missing. This story could have easily been a full-length novel because there was so much going on.Rating: B+Taking the Heat by Sylvia Day - My favorite story. I loved Brian and Layla's chemistry. It was off the charts. Brian is a dirty talker and is commanding in bed. He's not afraid of expressing what he wants. This novella had some of the best lines that made me giggle and the best sex scenes that made me grab a towel to sit on. Brian and Layla never stopped loving each other and both want to use the 3 day trip to clear out any misunderstandings. At times Layla comes off as immature but she is 6 years younger than Brian so she doesn't have the life experience that Brian has. I liked that she didn't wallow in her self-pity and they both owned up to their mistakes. I absolutely loved their story and I didn't want it to end.Rating: AOverall: B