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Exposed to You

Exposed to You - Beth Kery I really enjoyed reading Exposed To You. It starts off with a smoking hot blow job and the heat continues throughout the book, not letting up.Joy has just been diagnosed with cancer when she decides to be impulsive and a little outrageous and give the actor she's hired to paint a BJ. Joy doesn't know who he is, just that she is extremely attractive to him and that after getting the diagnosis, she wanted to give in to temptation. They both decide to meet after the shoot but the body paint guy never shows up. Fast forward a year later and Joy is now living in Chicago and teaching art at a prestigious school. She runs into Everett Hughes. He knows her but she doesn't remember him. And then it all starts coming back to her. Everett was the body paint guy. Joy gave a bj not to an extra on a movie set but to a major movie star!Everett has never forgotten Joy and is thanking his luck that he ran into her in Chicago. Everett wants to pursue whatever is going on between him and Joy but Joy doesn't want to get involved. She tries to keep Everett at arms length which is futile because Everett pursues Joy with ruthless devotion.Exposed To You has all the elements of a good erotic romance. The sex scenes are hot and well-written. The sex isn't about just the physical act but also their connection. Everett is into tantric sex so he is constantly denying himself and pushing Joy's limits, emotionally and physically.Because Joy has gone through her own cancer fight and her mother died of cancer, she is wary of letting anyone close. As much as Joy wants to keep Everett at arm's length, she can't. I loved the struggle that Joy felt about burdening someone with her illness. I felt that her struggle was very realistic even though I didn't agree with not letting the ones who love you have the choice of standing by your side or not.Everett is a very sexy and sensitive hero. He's not alpha even though he's dominant in bed. He knows what he wants and he goes after it. He's straight forward to a fault. He's very black and white about things and doesn't understand the subtleties of human - women - emotion. His struggle to deal with Joy on an emotional level provided good, honest moments in the book.I highly recommend this book. I liked that we visit with characters from previous books in this series although Exposed To You can be read as a stand alone.